PLUG-KING Multi-19 Mega Charge Plug Adapter Set

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The King of all charge leads!
If it can not be charged with this, then chances are it doesnt exist!
The Plug-King uses quality plugs and high-strand-count silicon wire to ensure a perfect fit and high current charging.
If you are worried about shorting, dont be! The Plug-King comes with the T-connector, Traxxas plug and bullet plug covers.

You will instantly become everyones friend at your local flying field with this mega charge lead adapter set.
The Plug-King is a great addition to any toolkit or workshop.

Suits batteries fitted with the following plugs.
JR (Receiver Pack)
Futaba (Receiver Pack)
Micro T-Connector
Tamiya (Molex)
Mini Tamiya (Mini Molex)
Traxxas compatible
Losi Mini Plug
Futaba (Transmitter Plug)
JR (Transmitter Plug)
Glow Plug Driver
Micro JST (Eflite, Kyosho, micro helicopter batteries etc.)
2 x Blank Wires (positive and negative for a custom plug)

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