Turnigy 110w Heat Sealing Iron with Sock and Stand 110v (USA Std 2 Pin Plug)

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This deluxe heat sealing iron is a must when covering with heatshrink films and textured finishes. It is lightweight and fitted with an accurate temperature control, the Turnigy Heat Sealing Iron holds its temperature perfectly. The handle is comfortable to hold which coupled with the lightweight makes covering for long periods a breeze, no aching arms and wrists trying to use a heavy iron. The sealing iron shoe is pointed for getting into those difficult places and corners and is coated with a hard wearing Teflon finish that glides over all types of covering materials without marking, a sock is also supplied for extra protection of your covering if required.
The Turnigy Heat Sealing Iron is supplied with a stand and a pre-fitted molded USA Std 2 pin power plug.

Voltage: 110v
Wattage: 110w
Shoe Size: 120mm x 60mm
Temperature: Thermostatically controlled from 55°C ~ 205°C (130°F ~ 400°F)
Weight: 250g (Iron only)

Please note: This unit is CE marked.

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