2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - HK-MFX600-F/H Module (Futaba/Hitec Compatible)

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Perfect for indoor flyers and anyone who likes to tinker with micro sized aircraft. The hobbyking indoor 2.4ghz system has a host of optional receivers, ESCs and all-in-one units available for your customprojects. When keeping component weight down is critical, the SuperMicro series is one of the most affordable and simple solutions on the market today.

Frequency: 2.4ghz
Type: FHSS
Module Type: Futaba/Hitec
Size: 58.15mm x 37.26mm x 22.05mm
Transmission Power: 18DBm
Input Signal: PPM (50mv or 2~5v)
Input Voltage Range: 5.0~12.0V
Weight: 42.5g

1 x MFX600-F/H Module
1 x 2.4ghz Antenna

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