Mig-29 Composite 2 x 68mm EDF 960mm (ARF)

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Mig-29 Composite 2 x 68mm EDF 960mm (ARF)

The Mig 29 was designed in 1970's Soviet Era Russia as an answer to the F-15 Eagle. Known also as the "Fulcrum", this superb 4th generation Air Superiority Fighter was one of the first fighters to be able to perform the famous "Cobra" maneuver.

This gorgeous Mig 29 is finished in the colours of the Swift Aerobatic Team, the fuselage is a high gloss paint finish and the wings superbly covered to match. The wings and all moving tail are balsa construction while the fuselage is composite. Fixed under-carriage is supplied and it is also fully retract ready, meaning less time sweating with a file in your hand! There is plenty of room for Lipoly's, which is just as well with it being a twin and two high performance fans are also supplied.

Just like full size Mig, this EDF jet is designed for high performance, it is capable of blisteringly high speed with the right set up yet at the same time it has impressive slow speed performance, impress your flying buddies with rock steady high alpha passes and of course you have to throw in the odd Cobra! The H-King Mig 29 is one of our most impressive looking jet's yet and it flies as good as it looks!

Wingspan: 960mm
Length: 1380mm
Flying Weight: 2600g

All Hardware
68mm High Performance EDF x 2

Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
2 x 28mm EDF Motor (4s~6s)
2 x 60A~80A ESC
3 x 12g MG Servo, 2 x 26g MG servo
3000mAh~4000mAh 4s Lipoly x 2

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