Turnigy T1000FC Auto Pilot System With GPS and Return To Home

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Turnigy T1000FC Auto Pilot System With GPS and Return To Home

The Turnigy T1000FC auto pilot system with GPS is an in-line flight stabilizing system that offers auto level, tilt angle limits and return to home functionality at an unbelievable value.

The T1000FC can be added to any type of aircraft supporting conventional layouts, flying wings, V-tail and A-tail airframes. Installation is as easy as unplugging your servos from your receiver and adding this in-line between the two and selecting the proper control surface direction.

There is a total of 5 flight modes selectable in the T1000FC; autopilot mode (auto levels and does not let the aircraft roll or pitch past 45 degrees), 3D mode for sport flying, Flight mode (stabilization off), Fixed high direction mode (heading hold), altitude hold mode (this will maintain the aircraft's altitude) and GPS return to home. The various flight modes can be easily accessed from a three position switch on your transmitter. 

The Turnigy T1000FC is the perfect product for FPV users with auto leveling and return to home functions and a great tool for beginners to RC flying allowing for an adjustable degree of safety and autonomy. 

• Safe and reliable design
• Inertial vector measuring and barometer accurate in all-weather
• Compatible with conventional and V-tail, delta and A-tail aircraft
• Smart PID control leaving the adjustment to the flight controller
• Multiple flight modes for beginners to 3D pilots
• 3 full axis of stabilization
• Smart self-control (45 degree limited roll and pitch in some flight modes)
• GPS return to home Function

T1000FC flight auto pilot
GPS module
Servo extensions
Set tool

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