Turnigy Signal Loss and Low Battery Fail safe

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Turnigy Signal Loss and Low Battery Fail safe Turnigy Signal Loss and Low Battery Fail safe Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $6.11
13 g
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The Turnigy signal loss and low battery fail safe is a small low cost unit that is perfect for nitro and gas powered boats and cars. It will prevent your model running away from you if you loose the signal or your receiver battery starts to go flat by detecting the problem and closing the throttle to bring the model to a safe standstill. The fail safe constantly checks the pulse signal and will activate when the pulse is disturbed by interference, it will reset very quickly if the pulses return back to normal. Very simple to fit, the fail safe goes between the throttle or throttle and brake servo and the receiver, then it is a few simple steps to set it up using the transmitter.

Voltage: 4.8~6V
Current: 7mA @ 4.8V
Dimensions: 40mm x 21mm x 8.5mm
Weight: 6g

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