Turnigy Glider Bag Backpack (Large)

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Turnigy Glider Bag Backpack (Large)
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The Turnigy glider bag backpack is great for securely carrying your glider to a remote slope location, where your parking area is far from your flying area. Just strap it to your back and go! Made of durable 600 denier nylon, this wing bag is designed to handle every day use for years to come.

A main compartment holds your wings and fuselage, while a separate compartment holds your transmitter or other accessories. There is even a compartment designed specifically to hold your wing tubes. The compartments are closed with drawstrings and the shoulder straps adjust to fit any size person.

Perfect for 2 meter or larger sailplanes. For smaller sailplanes take a look at our smaller Turnigy Glider Backpack

Main Compartment Size: 1300 x 310 x 70mm
Accessory Compartment Size: 200 x 170 x 120mm

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