DFC Main Rotor Head for HK550-HK600 (Short Shaft Version) (1pc)

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This upgrade DFC rotor head for your HK550 or HK600 helicopter will slot straight into your helicopter. Used in conjunction with your chosen flybarless unit, this head will increase performance, efficiency and make your helicopter look the part for a very affordable price.
Machined from top quality aluminum, it comes pre assembled and we have used thread lock where you would expect. This is the short shaft version which lowers the head, making the cyclic control more precise and nimble. The loss of the flybar reduces the drag on the head,  increasing the performance of your machine but also makes the head more efficient. This is more noticeable when doing autorotations, where you rely on the head to store as much energy as possible. It is also compatible with Align T-Rex 550 and 600 helicopters.

• Short shaft for better cyclic response
• CNC machined from aluminum
• Quality thrust bearings in blade grips
• Direct replacement upgrade for HK550 and HK600
• Compatible with Align T-Rex 550 and 600

Dimensions: 165 x 195 x 65mm
Weight: 235g
Shaft Width: 10mm (9mm At Bottom)
Shaft Length: 162mm
Blade Grip Max Width: 12mm
Blade Grip Bolt Diameter: 3.8mm

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