Hercules 500mm QuadCopter (KIT)

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Hercules 500mm QuadCopter (KIT)

Hercules, the Greek immortal, was known for his strength and numerous far-ranging adventures. A name very fitting for our new QuadCopter, with its wide range of adaptability and nontraditional rugged good looks.

The Hercules was designed with adaptability and layout in mind.  First, the Hercules has a forward camera and integrated gimbal support mount. Next, it has a power distribution board and flight controller mount for a clean and tidy layout. The dual boom arms are designed to house the ESCs vertically and support the red anodized and satin aluminum motor arms. The wide-stance landing gear adds to the rugged looks and versatility, as well as having an optional 60mm hook and rod mounting points. The lower battery mount allows for a wide range of CG locations and the overall looks make this very easy to orient visually in the air. The Hercules is a 500mm motor-to-motor square layout, making the flight characteristics and tuning a breeze. 

The Hercules is sized just right for fun and utilitarian uses. The rugged mythological good looks make this a champion among quadcopters.

• Unique front mounting providing directional orientation and style
• Optional 60mm hook and rod mounting
• Composite and CNC construction
• Integrated ESC mounting
• Lightweight
• Square motor layout for great flight characteristics
• Integrated flight controller and power distribution mounting

Wheelbase or motor to motor diagonal size: 500mm
Weight: 460g
Landing gear height to bottom of frame: 75mm
Flight controller and power distribution mounting: 45mm Square 

Motor: 22~28 Class of motor (recommendation) 
ESC: 4 x 20~30A (recommendation)
Propeller: 4 x 8~12in (recommendation)
Battery: 2200~5000mah 3~4s 11.1~14.4V (recommendation)
MultiRotor flight controller
5ch radio control system

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