HobbyKing Apparel KK Board Cotton Shirt (XXXL)

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HobbyKing Apparel KK Board Cotton Shirt (XXXL)

Put that sports jersey back in the draw and put on something that represents the hours of fun, skill, late for dinner fights, blood, sweat and beers.

The HobbyKing Apparel is here and ready for you to flaunt at the local flying field. Made from top quality 100% cotton with a reinforced “non-bacon” collar and high quality print, this premium shirt will be around for years to come!...along with your significant other’s disapproval.

The KK2, the shining light for those that want to fly multirotors but don’t want to learn a programming language or sell a kidney to afford it. This is one of those great shirts that the image where to the untrained eye it is just a circuit board unless you stumble a crossed a fellow rotor-head, to which you will most likely get the nod of approval.

Size: XXXL

*Note: Other sizes available

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