Carbon Fiber Landing Gear for Extra 260 26CC Gas

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Add strength and good looks to your scale aerobatic model while lowering the weight with our high quality carbon fiber landing gear. Designed to fit a variety of scale aerobatic models, we have a style just right for most applications.
Our carbon fiber landing gear features a 3K cloth layup into polished molds. Each landing gear arrives with no mounting or axel holes drilled meaning it will fit a variety of models. Carbon fiber landing gear is a great way to keep your model light,  and looking good. The exposed leg section of each landing gear is airfoiled to give the model a slicker appearance, while mounting surfaces are flat for easy alignment.
Perfect for Extra 260 or sport planes in 26CC size models.
• 3K Carbon Cloth layup

• Stronger and lighter than aluminum equivalent
• Mounting holes not drilled to fit variety of brands
• Airfoiled leg section.
A: 195mm
B: 120mm (total fuselage width)
C: 30mm
D: 405mm (total wheel track)
H: 164mm
Weight: 101g

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