Quanum Q-2D Brushless GoPro 3 Gimbal (suitable for Nova, Phantom, QR X350 and others)

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Quanum Q-2D Brushless GoPro 3 Gimbal (suitable for Nova, Phantom, QR X350 and others)

Introducing the all new Quanum Q-2D brushless camera gimbal, which is designed for use with the GoPro Hero 3 on 350 size quadcopters such as the Quanum Nova, QR X350 PRO and DJI Phantom.

When it comes to a great aerial video platform a few things are key; design, size, weight and performance. The Q-2D is a design that has been optimized from the start for proper integration, saving on size and weight and the pre-tuned controller performs just as you would expect from Quanum.

The Q-2D is one of the smallest and lightest brushless gimbals on the market. At just 84mm tall, it can clear most multi-rotor landing skids and only weighs 120g, perfect for 350 sized quad copters. Both pitch and roll can be adjusted on the fly from an R/C channel and has a huge operating voltage range of up to 28 volts.

The Q-2D is pre-tuned from the factory, requiring no setup, simply bolt on to the bottom of the Quanum Nova, QR X350 PRO or DJI Phantom, install your GoPro Hero 3 camera and you're ready to shoot professional stabilized aerial video!

• Lightweight yet duable aluminum construction
• Compact size
• Adaptable to most 350 quadcopters (direct fit for Nova, QR X350 PRO and DJI Phantom)
• Pitch and roll inputs
• Support for the GoPro Hero 3 video aux output
• Huge input voltage support (7.4~28V)
• Power supply voltage reverse connection protection and voltage compensation
• Motor drive side short circuit protection
• Initial pitch angle
• Sensitivity parameters adjustment

Operating voltage: 7.4V~28V DC (recommended 12V, 3S lipo battery)
Work current: 200mA~500mA
Working environment temperature: -15~65C
Sensors: Three MEMS gyroscope rotor and rotor MEMS accelerometer
Maximum angular rate: 2000 deg/SEC
Maximum acceleration: 16g
Control frequency: 1000Hz
Motor drive frequency: 32kHZ (noiseless smooth drive)
Accuracy: 0.1 deg
Control Range: - 45~45 (Roll), - 135~90 (Pitch)
Applicable filming equipment: GoPro Hero 3 or iLook
Size: 100x94.5x84mm
Weight: 120g
Mounting: Upper plate adapter holes centerline 30~40mm hole to hole

1 x Quanum Q-2D Brushless Gimbal
2 x Servo leads for pitch and roll control
1 x Balance accessory for use with heavier cameras (not required for use with GoPro Hero 3)
1 x Power adapter to mini JST

*Note: User manual available for download located under the "Files" tab below.

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