Firstar 200 Motor Glider EPO 758mm (PNF)

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Firstar 200 Motor Glider EPO 758mm (PNF)
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Looking for a small, fun, stable and durable plane? Look no further than the Firstar 200 motor glider. The Firstar is a great airplane for new and experienced pilots alike. Though very stable for new pilots, it performs loops, rolls, and inverted flight when pushed hard. Since the small 2208 4000kv motor just sips the power, long flight times can be expected. A low landing speed is great when learning to fly or if you are in smaller flying spaces. Since it is such a compact model, it is great for those quick trips to the local park, the ultimate leave it in the car model. The molded EPO foam airframe can handle less than perfect landings and keep coming back for more. Should you need parts, we also offer a full line of replacements.


Assembly is quick and easy with the all bolt together construction. The wing simply slips into place, needing just the control horns and pushrods to be connected. The horizontal stabilizer is held in place with a single bolt. This model can be ready to fly in under 15 minutes.

• Plug and Fly - Just add your battery, radio system and fly
• Ultra tough molded EPO foam airframe
• Simple bolt together construction, no glue required
• Stable flight performance
• Magnetically secured battery hatch
• Loops and rolls easily


Wingspan: 758mm
Length: 536mm
Flying Weight: 200g
Motor: 2208A 4000Kv
10A Brushless
3 x 9g


4+ channel Transmitter and Receiver
2S 7.4V 500~1000mAh Lipoly Battery w/ JST connector

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