Turnigy EasyOff Plug Disconnect System XT60 Adapters (20 pcs)

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Turnigy EasyOff Plug Disconnect System XT60 Adapters (20 pcs)

Ever damaged your model trying to separate difficult plugs? Frustrated by tight connectors? Turnigy to the rescue with their EasyOff Plug Disconnect system. These handy little clip-on adapters slip onto your XT-60 connector and permanently stay in place. A special separator tool slips in between these clips, allowing you to effortlessly separate the plugs. It is a great addition for all your batteries or speed controls, but is very useful for tight battery hatch areas on airplanes and gliders.

The EasyOff plug adapters are universal fit between male and female plugs. They clip into place, though we recommend a small drop of CA glue for the ultimate hold.

This set does not include the separator tool. Adapters with the separator tool included can be found here

Also available for T-Plug

Plug Type: XT60
Qty: 20
Weight: 0.9g (pair)

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