Xceed "Enneti" 1/10 Touring 26mm Dual Shore Foam Tire Set (sh 32/35) 2pcs

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HobbyKing has partnered with Xceed to offer you high performance racing tires!

Xceed R/C tires are made in Italy by Enneti, one of the most respected names in on-road racing tires, from the highest quality materials that offer consistent performance, lots of grip and impressive wear characteristics.
Pre-mounted on a strong, lightweight twin six spoke wheels increasing rigidity but remaining lightweight.

These dual shore tires use a softer compound foam on the inside of the tire for good straightaway grip, and a harder compound foam on the outside, to reduce tire edge wear. This was done to provide you with a tire that offers great grip and increased tire life.

• Suitable for: 1/10 touring car
• Position: Front/Rear
• Tire compound: Duel (sh 32 inside/sh 35 outside)
• Wheel: Twin 6 Spoke
• Color: White

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