Laser230 FPV Drone Composite Kit (230mm)

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Laser230 FPV Drone Composite Kit (230mm)

The Laser230 is an all composite construction 230mm tree hugging FPV racing drone. The Laser230 has what is called a Clean-and-Dirty system, that uses vibration thimbles to isolate the motor and prop vibration from the FC and camera. The Clean-and-Dirty system lets you run tighter P.I.D’s and have a jello free video FPV session.

The arms support motor mounting from 16x19mm and 12mm spacing. The max prop size is 5inch and perfect for the 1704~2206 class motors. The durable composite construction comes with many provisions for mounting and straps, making install a snap. The frame has 8 vibration thimbles for isolation as well as a new forward-looking FPV camera mount between the frames. The Laser230 has some sleek looks with hot red anodized aluminum standoffs and a cool matte finish, making this a great little quad to zip around your local flying site.

• Composite construction
• Wide range of motor and power options
• Large secondary vibration isolation frame for more room and easier layout
• Compact size for proximity flying around obstacles

Wheelbase: 230mm
Weight: 180g
Height: 82mm with landing gear and center cage 

4 x Motors 1506~2208
1 x Battery 800~1300mah 7.4~11.1V (2 or 3 cells Lipoly)
4 x Propellers up to 5in
4 x ESC’s 7~12A
1 x Multi-rotor Flight controller
4ch radio (6ch recommended for FPV and FC use)
FPV gear (optional) 

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