FrSky Smart Port Current Sensor 40A

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FrSky Smart Port Current Sensor 40A

The FrSky Smart Port Current Sensor has been designed to work with FrSky Smart Port systems, it can measure the current (A) and battery voltage (V) when connected between a battery and an ESC. Other FrSky Smart Port enabled sensors including the variometer, Lipo voltage, GPS, RPM and airspeed sensors can be used at the same time. The sensor is fitted with XT60 male and female connectors and a male to male JR type lead is also supplied.

Please note: The FrSky Smart Port Current Sensor is only compatible with FrSky Smart Port enabled receivers such as the X8R, X6R and X4R.

Maximum Safe Current: 40A
Maximum Battery Voltage: 6S (22.2V)
Measurement Range: 0~40A
Current Comsumption: 25mA@5V
Dimensions: 61.2x16.7x13.2mm
Weight: 17g

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