KEDA 23-28S 1480KV Brushless Outrunner 3S 120W

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KEDA 23-28S 1480KV Brushless Outrunner 3S 120W

The KEDA 23-28S 1480KV  motor is a smooth running, high-quality brushless outrunner, similar in appearance to some well respected Bavarian motors.
The prop may be fitted directly to the motor shaft using the supplied prop saver or bolted directly to the motor casing using the adapter supplied, allowing for front or rear mounting options.
A comprehensive accessory pack is supplied and includes a cross style mount, prop adaptor, prop saver with 3 'O' rings and prop hub insert. A spare motor shaft and mount/adaptor fixing bolts.
In testing this motor produced up to 120W of power making it perfect for all kinds of sports aircraft up to around 20oz (550g) AUW.

Kv: 1480 rpm/v
Operating Current: 0.6A ~ 9A
Peak Current: 11A
Max Power: 120W
Cell count: 3S LiPoly
Weight: 32g
Dimensions: 23 x 28mm
Shaft dia: 3.175mm
Shaft length: 13mm
Mounting hole dimensions: Front 12 x 12mm M2/Rear 16 x 19mm M3
Suggested Battery: 1000~1500mAh 3S1P
Suggested prop size: 8x3.8

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