HORIZON Blade 200 QX 3D Prop

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3D Prop


    2x Prop (orange)
    2x Prop (green)
There is now available a free firmware update for the Blade 200 QX. This update will make your quadcopter capable of doing great 3D manoeuvres when using the right blades. Having completed the firmware update, your 200 QX will dance in circles lying on its back. There are three different flight modes available, providing you with the individual assistance you need. While in Stability Mode you will get electronic assistance in flipping out of inverted flight back to an upright position, the 3D Stagility Mode features a self-levelling characteristic that’s active whenever the stick is released. For experienced pilots there is the 3D Agility Mode without any self-levelling or further assistance.

Hier gehts zum 200QX Firmware Update

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