Kimbrough 64Pitch 104T Spur Gear

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HobbyKing is now proud to offer the famous Kimbrough racing spur gears and servo savers!

With more than 30 years of plastic gear mold experience and more than fifteen years of experience racing R/C cars, Kimbrough Racing Products knows what it takes to make the best R/C car racing gears.

Kimbrough Racing Products Plastic Gears have been used to set all of the unlimited speed records for R/C 1/10 scale electric cars in the U.S., and are used by a large number of the top professional R/C car racers around the world.

• Three times tougher and will withstand operating temperatures 75° to 125° higher than plastics used by other R/C car gear manufacturers.
• Gears have 12 diff. ball holes for on-road cars. This makes the Diff. washers last longer and the Diff. feel much smoother as well.
• Gears are full width. The wider a gear is, the more load it can take. Kimbrough Racing Products gears run quiet because they have the correct tooth shape and don't have to be narrowed.

Pitch: 64P
Number of teeth: 104T

*Note: Highly recommend the use of full width pinions gears

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