Turnigy ENOS In-line Electronic Booster

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Turnigy ENOS In-line Electronic Booster

Get some BOOST out of your car!

Similar to the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) used in Formula One, the Turnigy ENOS Booster will pre-charge a small amount of power in the capacitors while the system is inactive. Once you activate the Booster (via spare radio channel), extra power will kick-in for a short period of time by increasing the voltage for the ESC.
You can control the Boost in real-time by using the 3Ch button on the radio.

Turnigy ENOS In-line Electronic Booster will give you a great advantage when you want to over-take your rival on the straight or have instant acceleration at the corner exit.

Let's Boost-Up!!

Input Voltage: 6-14v (2-3s LiPoly)
Maximum Capacitor Charging Current: 3.5A
Maximum Capacity Voltage: 3.5A
Freezing Time (Vcap < 0.8V): 2 seconds
Farad Capacity: 30F
Charge Time: 20 Seconds
Signal Pulse: >1300ms On, >1300ms Off
Weight: 58g
Connector: XT60 (male / female)

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