Team Sorex 24mm Dish Wheel 0mm Offset (4pcs)

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Team Sorex 24mm Dish Wheel 0mm Offset (4pcs) Team Sorex 24mm Dish Wheel 0mm Offset (4pcs) Europe HobbyKing In Stock $8.60
59 g
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Team Sorex racing items are now available at HobbyKing!

Team Sorex tires have a long and well established name as the leading manufacturer of Touring Car rubber racing tires. They provide a wide range of awesome tires to suit all track conditions whether it be carpet or tarmac, high traction or low traction. 3 types of moulded rubber inserts with 2 different stiffness can be chosen to obtain maximum traction on different track conditions. These combined with the Team Sorex racing wheels will lead you to victory!

Team Sorex is the choice for real racers!

Color: White
Style: Dish
Width: 24mm
Offset: 0mm

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