FY-40A Fixed Wing Flight Stabilization Controller (w/Self-Leveling)

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FY-40A Fixed Wing Flight Stabilization Controller (w/Self-Leveling)

FY-40A is an inertial stabilization controller for your fixed wing aircraft. Featuring both 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer stabilization, this flight controller is an advanced all-in-one solution for ultra stable fixed wing aircraft flight! It supports standard fixed wing, V-tail and Delta (elevon) wing configurations making it compatible with just about any model.

The FY-40A offers three flight modes which can be remotely selected from an auxiliary transmitter channel in flight (3 position switch required to operate all 3 modes):

Deactivated Mode - In this mode the device will not provide any stabilization and the model will fly as if there is no stabilization device connected.

Auto-Stabilized Mode - In this mode leveled flight is automatically maintained, which making flight simple and easy, suitable for beginners. If a pilot feels the plane is out of control, simply reduce input control and the device will automatically self-level.

3D Mode - In this mode, if no input is given by the pilot (*all sticks in the middle position), plane will be locked in current attitude. Therefore the aircraft can be easily maneuvered to complete a variety of 3D flight with added stability & smoothness.

• Easy installation
• 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyro stabilization
• Self-leveling flight stabilization
• 3 flight modes selectable by transmitter
• Easy access gain adjustments for flight tuning

Input Voltage: 4.0-6.0V
Current Consumption: 50mA/5V
Supported servo output: 50Hz refresh frequency
Operating Temperature: -20°C - 70°C
Max Gyro Angular Velocity: 2000°/s
Dimensions: 45mm x 30mm x 9 mm
Weight: 17g

FY-40A Flight Controller
Connection Wires
Foam Tape
Instruction manual
Gyro Sensitivity Adjustment Screwdriver

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