Turnigy USB Power Meter

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Turnigy USB Power Meter

Instantly check the performance of your USB charging device with the Turnigy USB Power Meter. This little device plugs in line between the USB output of a device such as a laptop, and the USB charge cable of other auxiliary devices like MP3 players, tablets, or smart phones. The low internal current sensing resistance means less voltage drop and bettery measuring accuracy. This device also has over voltage and over current protection should a power surge occur. This will help protect your expensive devices. Instantly check current, voltage, watts, total capacity and time with the Turnigy USB Power Meter.

• 25x15mm segment LCD shows clear and accurate readings
• Six modes allows users to measure real time voltage, current, watts, capacy, total capacity and time
• Over voltage protection and alarm (Max 5.7V)
• Over load protection over 3A
• Low current sensing resistance for less voltage drop

Voltage Range: 4.5~5.7V
Current Range: 0~3A
Size: 43 x 25 x 11mm
Weight: 15g
Voltage Precision: +/-0.5%
Voltage Resolution: 0.01V
Current Precision: +/- 1%

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