Quanum 680UC Pro Hexa-Copter Umbrella Carbon (Kit)

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Quanum 680UC Pro Hexa-Copter Umbrella Carbon (Kit)

Quanum have raised the bar of expectations and real value with the release of their PRO series of multirotor frames. By bringing top quality materials, manufacturing and design to pro-spec frames, Quanum are ready to take on the big boys.

The Quanum 680UC stands for its 680mm wheelbase and UC for umbrella carbon. Umbrella because of the way the arms fold, this unique design allows for the frame to fit into a back pack verses the alternative of folding a few arms horizontally, but still needing to deal with 700mm of length. The carbon is noted because of its all carbon and CNC aluminum construction, no plastic in this airframe. Quanum is using top Quality wrapped carbon not extruded like so many others, and have developed matched accessory’s to maximize the frames use. This is what makes it a PRO in the Quanum line-up.

The Upper center frame and arms quickly detach from the lower subassembly and landing gear, allowing for a wide range of optional objective driven platforms to easily be swapped out with 4 quick thumb screws. The upper platform is a standalone Hexa-copter housing the FC, esc, motors and the arms quickly can fold downward for an unbelievably small and easy to transport assembly. The subassembly houses the accessory rail, battery platform and 18mm carbon tube tall landing gear. The accessory rail allows for the CG and the camera to be placed in the optimal locations for maximizing a prop free view angle and CG flight stability.

The CNC aluminum work is top quality and design to optimize Aluminums strength and weight. All connections points are CNC aluminum, the rotating blocks for the folding arms and the motor/ESC mounts. The motor mounts support an integrated esc mounting with contact cooling and has provisions for a wide range of motor mounting options as well as Y6 configuration.

One of the best features of the 680UC is the support and accessory available. The 680UC has full parts support and direct fit optional features like retractable landing skids for a 360 deg camera view. The Workmanship, portability, broad utilitarian use and full support make the new Quanum 680UC Pro a clear benchmark for the 600 class.

• Full Carbon and CNC aluminum construction
• Umbrella style folding for maximum portability
• Main and sub assembly for portability and versatility
• Host of direct fit Option parts
• Full parts support
• Innovative design making for one of the lightest yet strongest 600 class Multirotors
• Y 6 configurable

Size motor to motor: 680mm
Weight: 500g without under carriage, 740g with fixed gear 851g w/optional retractable gear.
Height from ground to lower rods: 275mm
Height from ground to top: 305mm   

5ch Radio system (min)
Flight controller
Propeller size: 10~13 inch carbon fiber propeller
Motor:  620~980KV 2212~4006 brushless motor 
Battery specifications: 11.1~14.8V 3000~5000mAh
Brushless ESC: 20~30A

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