SAITO FG 60 R3 (60ccm)

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SAITO FG 60 R3 (60ccm)

 Saito's eagerly awaited Four-Stroke gas Radial the FG-60R3

Saito have drawn upon their vast experience with past Radial and gas engine designs when developing this whooping 60.32cc powerhouse.
By combining the reliability gas with the sweet sound of Saito, advanced technology and foresight are once again helping Saito lead the way into the future. And, like all Saito engines, these powerhouses are engineered with that same Saito quality and reliability our Customers have come to know and trust.


    Stroke Volume: 60.32cc
    Bore: ø32.0mm x 3
    Stroke: 25.0mm x 3
    Weight: Body - 1,800g | Muffler - 90g  | Ignition System - 195g approx.
    Pratical Speed: Approx 1,500 ~ 7,000rpm (Recommended highest speed on ground: 5,500 ~ 6,500rpm)
    Recommended 2-bladed Prop: D22" x P10" (Standard)
    Fuel flow: Approx. 30cc/min (at full throttle, approx 6,700 rpm) Fuel flow varies depends upon propeller load. More fuel flow with larger load and less fuel flow with smaller (In actual flight, fuel flow somewhat increases).
    Static thrust: 7kgf approx. (MEJZLIK 22x10"@6700RPM)
    Battery for Ignition: Voltage - 6-9V | Capacity - recommended over 1,000mAh
Delivered complete with tools, engine mount, electronic ignition system, NGK CM-6S spark plugs and muffler sytem (flex).

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