Lightweight FPV Multifunction 190mm High Landing Gear Set for Multi-Rotors (Red/Black)

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Lightweight FPV Multifunction 190mm High Landing Gear Set for Multi-Rotors (Red/Black)

This lightweight FPV multifunction high landing gear set is a must for those who require plenty of height from the bottom of their multi-rotor to the ground to enable them to carry larger cameras etc. This multifunction landing gear set also comes supplied with a shock absorbing telemetry mount, battery mount, shock absorbing NBR foam collars plus two adapter plates which will suit most multi-rotors.

The adapter plates, skid and frame tubes, telemetry and battery mounting plates are made from 3K carbon fiber which is very light and strong. The landing legs are made from a flexible glass filled nylon which allows them to bend and absorb shock without breaking. Twelve CNC aluminum brackets are supplied for the fitting of the telemetry plate, adapter plates and the battery mount.

Overall a very well made lightweight and strong upgrade for your multi-rotor which comes with all the parts required including the assembly and fixing screws.

• Strong and lightweight
• Multifunctional
• 190mm high giving plenty of room under the multi-rotor
• Entire landing gear has shock absorbing qualities
• Supplied with adapters to fit most multi-rotors inc DJI 450/550/650

Height: 190mm (from bottom of multi-rotor to the ground)
Width: 305mm (centers of landing skids)
Width: 65mm (centers of top tubes)
Length: 330mm (top tubes and landing skids)
Weight: 300g
Color: Red/Black

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