Sulllivan Products Stainless Steel 7 Strand Control Line Wire .008, 2 x 26 Feet

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Sullivan Products was founded over 50 years ago and have been made in Baltimore, Maryland for the last 40 years. It began as a small manufacturer of control line products for the consumer model aircraft market. These high quality products were a success, and over the ensuing years Sullivan created products for the growing radio control segment. In later years Sullivan merged with other companies to serve a broader range of markets with a line of laboratory glassware, science equipment and model railroad accessories. This gave Sullivan access to even more engineering and equipment resources.

Sullivan Products radio control and control line items have been a industry mainstay as a well designed, manufactured, and distributed product offering for years. HobbyKing brings some of their diverse range of products to you as our dedication to being your one stop hobby supply source.

Wire Diameter: .008"
Length: 2 x 26 feet
Max Engine Size: .075 cu/in

Includes Wire Storage Spool

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