Raikou D70 Drift Tires Set 26mm (4pcs)

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Raikou Tires are made by drifters for drifters. The materials picked for the tires are designed for smooth control in tandem drifting. They are made from extremely durable materials, materials that are used in high pressure and high heat applications. Compound of these materials make an excellent tire with the two characteristics needed in drifting: it must slip but it also must grip. They got the best of both worlds: slip, grip and extreme long wear.

Raikou tires are machined out of stock material...going through several machining processes before they end up a tire. These tires have been designed, tried and tested and have become the tire of choice for many drift teams.

This is a D70 Drift Tire Set

• Large edge wall radius that allows it to slide smoothly over rough surfaces
• Handles perfectly in a controlled slower pace drift style on smooth indoor surfaces
• Medium to hard compound that wears evenly and maintains the same traction regardless of wear or surface temperature
• Recommended on Polished, smooth or rough concrete
• Highly recommended for rough surfaces like parking lots

Tire width: 26mm
Tire diameter: 62mm

*Note: Break-in your tires for optimum results. Run your tires for 30 minutes on the surface you drift on.
Tires can be dropped into hot water to ease mounting on tight fitting wheel.

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