Sweep SW-F1FS 1/10 Formula 1 Front Tires V2 - Soft (2pcs with inserts)

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The Sweep Racing is a specialized radio controlled car tire manufacturer located in South Korea.
SR started with the production of 1/10th TC tires at the end of the 20th century, which eventually grew into 1/8th Buggy, Truggy, GT, 1/10th Mini and 1/10th offroad tires. SR’s product lineup covers almost all major classes in the R/C racing industry.

SR was originally involved in industrial rubber products. Because of this, SR was already equipped with every manufacturing tool needed to produce model car rubber tires.

Sweep Racing's new F1 tires have been designed to fit F104 style chassis. Unlike other tires on the market these F1 tires were designed with both asphalt and carpet surfaces in mind, have ultra high traction and have a sidewall that is designed to have a realistic look. Tire warmers or tire additives are almost not needed for these tires and they are still very easy to drive.

Available for front and rear with double sided bar type medium inserts.

This is Sweep SW-F1FS 1/10 Formula 1 Front Tires V2 - Soft

Compound: Soft
Inserts: Medium
Diameter: 62mm
Width: 30mm‏

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