The Frog Multi-Function Balancer

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The Frog Multi-Function Balancer
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The HobbyKing Frog Multi-Function Balancer is a handy tool for any workspace. This balancer gets its name from the green bearing holder's frog like appearance. The Frog is capable of balancing items as either a precision ball bearing balancer, or for smaller items, in magnetic mode, where by a small shaft is held in place by small magnets. This is the ultimate in friction free balance checking. This set includes both shaft types with self-centering cone shape fittings that work on regular and T-style propellers. When operating in bearing mode, the Frog balancer can be set up with the balancing shaft just on top for lighter propellers, or in a cantelever mode to support heavier propellers. Simply shift the position of the bearings on one of the green Frog fittings.

The Frog is made from precision CNC aluminum alloy which helps provide a rigid and stable platform for performing all of your balance operations. It includes all hardward and illustrated instructions to complete assembly and proper balancing operations. Great for balancing all sorts of things from propellers, wheels, rotor heads, clutchbells, or whatever!

• CNC aluminum alloy parts
• Magnetic or ball bearing supported balancing options
• Cone prop adapter pieces designed to accept regular and T-style propellers
• Rubber feet provide a stable base and protect the surface from scratches
• Quick assemblying kit

Dimensions: 130x85x170mm
Max Prop Diameter: 12 inch (Bearing Mode)
Weight: 345g

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