Magic Mushroom Circular Polarized Antenna Set Stubby 5.8GHz (SMA)

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Magic Mushroom Circular Polarized Antenna Set Stubby 5.8GHz (SMA)

Circular polarized antenna's aka "clover leaf antennas" are a great way to increase the performance of your FPV system. Proven to increase range and video clarity as well as rejecting refection signals. Circularly polarized antennas have become the standard aftermarket 'essential' upgrade for modern FPV systems. The Mushroom shaped radome has been designed to minimize refection/absorption and provides protection for the tuned elements. This is a matched 3 leaf Tx to 4 leaf RX set with a mid-cable length for a nice clean install with SMA connectors. 

Frequency Range: 5725~5875mhz
Impedance: 50ohm
VSWR: <1.5
Gain: 1.8db
Connector: SMA
Cable Length: 40mm
Rotation: RHCP

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