Italeri 1/48 Scale F-84F Thunderstreak "Diavoli Rossi" Plastic Model Kit

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Italeri 1/48 Scale F-84F Thunderstreak

Build your static model fleet with the 1/48 Scale F-84F Thunderstreak "Diavoli Rossi" Plastic Model Kit. The F-84F Thunderstreak was powered by the Wright J-65 jet engine, and became one of the most notorious jet fighters of the 1950's.

Characterized by a swept wing, the single-seat fighter of the republic was not only used by the U.S. Air Force, but also by air forces of many NATO countries, including the Italian air force which used nearly 200 F-84Fs to equip its flight units with fighters and fighter-bombers from the second half of the 1950s.

The F-84F was also assigned to the 6th Wing stationed at Ghedi, and in addition to its operational use the aircraft was also employed as the "Red Devils" aerobatic team aircraft. The livery of the aerobatic team’s 7 Thunderstreaks featured red painted wings and the symbol of the devil with his trident. The "Red Devils" remained active until 1959, and laid the foundations for the establishment of the national aerobatic team in 1961.

The Italeri range of kits are manufactured from tough styrene plastic and provide a high level of scale detail. 

Scale: 1/48
Material: Styrene plastic

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