O.S. GT15 Gas Engine

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O.S. GT15  Gas Engine

In 1936, Shigeo Ogawa set up his original machine-shop, making model steam engines. At the same time the first 1.6 cc O.S. Type-1 miniature gasoline engine was made. 200 production models sold under the name “Pixie” were exported. A short time later the O.S. brand came about. For all these years, OS Engines have been a recognizable name of power, reliability, cutting edge design and quality in the model engine arena. From their much loved “Max” series, to their unique Wankel rotary engine, to the powerful O.S. Speed series engines, they have something for everyone. HobbyKing is proud to be able to bring a wide selection of the latest O.S. Engines to you.

O.S.'s GT line of gasoline engines boast power and fuel economy that have made them favorites among flyers of all sizes of R/C aircraft — and you'll find those same attributes in the compact GT15. The PD-08 pump-equipped carburetor delivers fuel consistently at any attitude or altitude, and the IG-06 ignition system provides dependable starts. Mount the GT15 in your next project...or drop it into any .60 2-stroke or .90 4-stroke size model to enjoy all of the advantages of gasoline power. A special roller bearing on the lower end of the connecting rod allows you to run 50:1 fuel/oil mixture, which is very clean running compared to messy nitro fuel. Balanced, optimized crankshaft for vibration control and improved performance. Twin ball bearings support the hardened steel cranksft for the ultimate in efficiency. Fuel for this engine is recommended to use 87 octane and a quality 2-stroke oil, mixed at 50 parts fuel, to 1 part oil.

• Offers power equivalent to a .90 4-stroke or .60 2-stroke glow engine, with the superior fuel economy advantages of gasoline
• Features the same mounting pattern as the 65AX
• Specially designed O.S. carb makes tuning a breeze and delivers excellent throttle response
• Comes equipped with a regulator and pump for superior fuel delivery consistency
• Includes the new Power Box™ muffler, designed with more volume for increased power while still being very compact
• Roller bearing on the large end of the conrod allows for 50:1 fuel/oil mixture
• Includes the compact IG-06 ignition module and mini spark plug

Displacement: 0.91 cu in (14.95 cc)
Bore: 1.091 in (27.7 mm)
Stroke: 0.978 in (24.8 mm)
RPM Range: 2,000-15,000
Output: 2.37 hp @ 15,000 rpm
    Engine: 22.26 oz (631 g)    
    Ignition Module: 3.35 oz (95 g)
    Muffler: 6.28 oz (178 g)
Ignition Module Input Voltage: 4.8~8.4V (2S Lipoly, or 4~6 cellNiCd/NiMH)
Suggested Props: 12x10, 13x10, 13x11, 14x10, 15x8, 15x10
Gasoline/Oil Mix: 50:1

E-4040 Muffler
IG-06 Ignition Module
Spark Plug

4.8~8.4V (2S Lipoly, or 4~6 cellNiCd/NiMH)

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