O.S. FS-120S III Ringed Four Stroke Glow Engine

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O.S. FS-120S III Ringed Four Stroke Glow Engine

In 1936, Shigeo Ogawa set up his original machine-shop, making model steam engines. At the same time the first 1.6 cc O.S. Type-1 miniature gasoline engine was made. 200 production models sold under the name “Pixie” were exported. A short time later the O.S. brand came about. For all these years, OS Engines have been a recognizable name of power, reliability, cutting edge design and quality in the model engine arena. From their much loved “Max” series, to their unique Wankel rotary engine, to the powerful O.S. Speed series engines, they have something for everyone. HobbyKing is proud to be able to bring a wide selection of the latest O.S. Engines to you.

O.S. developed the Surpass Series of 4-stroke engines for discerning fliers who demand more power. Able to swing larger props and supply more usable horsepower, Surpass 4-strokes provide the best performance for your plane, regardless of scale or flying style. Twin ball bearings support the hardened steel crankshaft for the ultimate in efficiency. Fuel for this engine is recommended to use 5~20% nitro, with at least 18% oil content by volume.

• Regulating style pump delivers better response and is more reliable
• Surpass engines feature a helix gear-driven camshaft on the front end and dependable updraft carburetor in the back
• Rear ball bearing is greased internally and rubber-sealed on both sides
• Balanced, optimized crankshaft for vibration control and improved performance
• Crankshaft, cam shaft and piston ring are plated to resist corrosion

Displacement: 1.2 cu in (19.7 cc)
Bore: 1.197 in (30.4 mm)
Stroke: 1.083 in (27.5 mm)
Practical rpm: 2,000-12,000
Output: 2.07 hp @ 12,000 rpm
Weight w/o muffler: 32.5 oz (921 g)
Weight w/muffler: 35.3 oz (1000 g)
Recommended Props: 14x9, 14x10, 14x11, 15x8, 15x9, 15x10, 16x6

#F Glow Plug

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