Poseidon 650 Sailboat 1370mm (RTS - Ready to Sail)

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Poseidon 650 Sailboat 1370mm (RTS - Ready to Sail)
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Poseidon 650 Sailboat 1370mm (RTS - Ready to Sail) Poseidon 650 Sailboat 1370mm (RTS - Ready to Sail) Europe HobbyKing In Stock $143.77
3.39 kg
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Take a break from the norm, sit down and give RC sailboats a try. HobbyKing brings you the Poseidon 650, the perfect way to enter the exciting world of RC sailboats.

The Poseidon 650 sailboat comes ready to sail. All you need to supply is batteries for the transmitter and receiver! Modeled after ocean going racing yachts, the Poseidon's hull is molded fiberglass composite with a perfect gelcoat and vibrant enamel painted finish. Supporting the colorfully printed rip-stop nylon main sail is a rugged aluminum main mast. All required items are installed, including mainsail winch, steering servo, rigging, sail and hardware. Protecting your expensive electronics is a water resistant hatch, hidden behind a faux passenger cabin. Dressing up the model are a few scale details like steering wheel and deck rails.

The weighted keel stabilizes the Poseidon, even in a stiff breeze, yet she'll keep going in lighter winds too.

Lets head to the dock and see what she can do. On a warm summer afternoon there's nothing like sitting back, relaxing with a cold beverage and experiencing the thrill of sailing the Poseidon 650.

• Ready to Sail - Install battery and you are ready.
• Molded fiberglass hull
• Beautiful high gloss painted finish
• Highly details scale looking
• Brilliantly printed rip-stop nylon sails
• Removable keel
• RG65 class compatible
• Wooden display stand included
• High strength fiber glass main mast

Length: 650mm
Height: 1370mm
Width: 150mm
Area of Sails : 0.21m2
Weight: 1460g

12 x AA Battery (For Transmitter and Receiver)

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