Goteck HC2422T HV Digital MG Metal Cased Car Servo 8.5kg / 0.08sec / 35g

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Goteck HC2422T HV Digital MG Metal Cased Car Servo 8.5kg / 0.08sec / 35g

The Goteck range of metal cased digital servos are up there amongst some of the best for quality and reliability at a price that offers excellent value for money. The cases are CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum, this supplies strength to the case for the mounting and the gear train, it also acts as a very good heatsink for the motor and amplifier.

The HC2422T offers a high voltage metal geared, metal cased digital car steering servo which has fantastic torque without sacrificing the speed. Primarily aimed at the car driver but equally at home in aircraft and helicopters. This servo is very happy to operate on 6~7.4v making it ideal to run directly from a 2s lipoly battery.

• CNC machined 6061 aluminum case
• Metal gear train
• Coreless motor
• Twin ball bearings
• Heavy duty plastic servo horns and mounting screws


Type: HC2422T
Amplifier: Digital
Operating Voltage: 6v~7.4v
Torque: 7.5kg@6v~8.5kg@7.4v
Speed: 0.09sec@6v~0.08sec@7.4v
Ilde Current: 240mA@6v~280mA@7.4v
Running Current: 2200mA@6v~2500mA@7.4v
Dimensions: 35x15x29mm
Weight: 35g
Dead Band: 1 usec
Motor: Coreless
Gears: Metal
Case: 6061 aluminum
Servo Plug: JR type
Servo Lead Length: 180mm
Spline count: 25


1 x Goteck HC2422T Digital servo
1 x Double heavy duty plastic servo horn
1 x Single heavy duty plastic servo horn
4 x Mounting screws

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