TrackStar Body Repair Glue

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TrackStar Body Repair Glue is a new specially formulated adhesive for the repair of rips and tears in radio control car, plane and boat bodies. This adhesive creates a flexible bond over the repair area that will bridge the gap and assist in stopping the tear from going any further or can be combined with fibreglass to create a strong repair. It can also be used in an area of a body or fuselage that commonly splits as a precautionary measure; especially useful for touring car and truck wheel arches. If you have run out of liquid tape it may be used to repair worn electrial insulation or even to secure nuts and screws if you don't have an appropriate thread locker available. So it's pretty useful stuff!


    Superior adhesion to lexan, metals, plastics, graphite, rubber
    Combined with fiberglass it can form a strong reinforcing layer
    Brush is included
    130ml container

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