HobbyKing™ Compact 20A Watt Meter and Servo Power Analyzer

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HobbyKing™ Compact 20A Watt Meter and Servo Power Analyzer

Ever wondered exactly how much power is being used by the servos in a model?
Maybe you're not sure if your servos are quite up to the job they're doing, or whether a surface might be stalling its servo?

The HobbyKing™ 20A Watt Meter and Servo Power Analyzer is just the tool to keep in your flight box to take the worry out just these situations.

Providing real-time and recorded maximum and minumum voltage, current and power monitoring, this meter will let you know exactly what's going on with your flight control system.

The unit is simple to use, has a clear LCD readout and is easily switched between modes or reset by using the side mounted button.

The HobbyKing™ 20A watt meter and servo power analyzer is the perfect flightbox companion to the HobbyKing™ compact 30A Watt meter and power analyzer  (PRODUCT ID: 9070000020)

• Real-time voltage, current, Watts and power consumtion monitoring
• Recorded maximum and minimum voltage, Amps and Watts
• Futaba style connectors
• Compact size
• Easy to use

Voltage Detection Range: 4.5~16.8V (+/-0.01V)
Current Detection Range: 0.1~20A (+/-0.1A)
Display Refresh Rate: 0.5S
Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 10mm
Wire Lead Length: 130mm (plug to plug)
Weight: 10g

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