Turnigy™ TGY-1509MG HV/BB/DS/MG Car Servo 12.8kg / 0.07sec / 55g

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Turnigy™ TGY-1509MG HV/BB/DS/MG Car Servo 12.8kg / 0.07sec / 55g

These Turnigy high voltage digital servos are the ultimate in precision and holding power. Turnigy knows the importance of a good, reliable and robust servo and these are up there amongst the best. The TGY-1509MG features a full alloy case, coreless motor, dual ball bearing output shafts and a metal gear train.

To provide the best, most efficient performance these servos are designed to run on a variety of voltages from 6V up to 7.4V. In testing they have been able to withstand a lot of abuse and the TGY-1509MG low profile servo is perfect for the steering on RC cars or even the extreme demands of the 3D aircraft pilot.

The TGY-1509MG is supplied with a variety of output arms and a complete mounting hardware pack.

• Full metal case
• Excellent torque and speed
• Coreless motor
• Metal geared
• Twin ball bearings
• Perfect for RC cars and other high demand uses
• Low profile
• Complete mounting hardware pack

Model: TGY-1509MG
Operating Voltage: 6~7.4v
Torque: 10.7kg@6v~12.8kg@7.4v
Speed: 0.08sec@6v~0.07sec@7.4v
Dimensions: 40.5x20x25.4mm
Weight: 55g
Working Frequency: 1520/333Hz 900us-2100us
Motor: Coreless
Gear Type: Digital
Ball Bearing: 2BB
Gears: Metal
Servo Plug: JR type
Sevo Lead Length: 210mm
Spline Count: 25

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