CNC 2 blades Folding Propeller Adapter 1-Pair 28-12 (Gold)

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CNC 2 blades Folding Propeller Adapter 1-Pair 28-12 (Gold)

CNC 2 Blade Folding Propeller Adapter 1-Pair 28-12 (Gold)

These beautifully made CNC aluminum adapters are designed to adapt folding propellers to T-Style or direct mount motors. The Adapters can handle a range or blades from 13~17inch props, and help make larger Multirotors a little easier to transport, folding back towards the boom arms much like transporting an RC helicopter. Mounting uses the standardized 12mm center to center with a 4mm center shaft. These adapters are suitable for any motors that are designed for the range of propeller blades available. Four colors are available to aid in rotation identification.

Mounting to motor: 12mm center to center 4mm center shaft (standard Direct mounts)
Color: Gold
Weight: 11g (Each Set)
Mounting Pins: 3mm

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