CASTLE CREATIONS Field Link Portable Programmer (Air)

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CASTLE CREATIONS Field Link Portable Programmer (Air)

The Field Link programming card allows you to change popular control settings quickly without a computer – great for the field box or workbench! Field Link cards offer the simplicity of one button operation. Click to move through the settings and hold/click to change the values. It’s that easy!

You can also use the Field Link card as a USB adapter to connect Castle Link compatible controllers to their Windows PCs for complete access to all available programming options.

The AIR Field Link is compatible with nearly all Phoenix, Phoenix HV, ICE, ICE HV and Thunderbird controllers as well as CC BEC and CC BEC PRO BECs.

SETTING Talon Phoenix
Edge HV
TBird Phoenix
Ice HV
Phoenix and
Phoenix HV
CC BEC and
Cutoff voltage X X X X X X X  
Auto LiPo
X X X   X X X  
Low voltage
cutoff type
X X X   X X    
BEC Voltage   X     X     X
Motor timing X X X   X X X  
Motor direction X X X X X X X  
Throttle type X X X   X X X  
Brake X X X on/off X X X  
Governor gain X X X   X X X  

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