VBar 5.3.4pro Big KBAR K8 Flybarless 3 Axis Gyro System V-BAR K-BA

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VBar 5.3.4pro Big KBAR K8 Complete Function Flybarless 3 Axis Gyroscope System Gold Warrior V-BAR K-BAR


Gold K8 a big KBAR!
Independent gyro sensor, more seismic; full 5.3.4PRO version supports constant
5.3.4Pro Professional Edition firmware.
Full function support speed setting.
Independent sensor, seismic performance and higher sensitivity.
Support iCARD multifunction card, Bluetooth module and USB interface.

Product features:

Yellow semi-transparent shell
Compatible with MIDADO5.3.4Pro software
Independant gyro
Open all V-Bar function, including constant speed, 4 servo, etc

Package included:

1 x Gyroscope
1 x Independent Sensor
1 x USB Data Cable
4 x Double sided Tape
1 x Receiver Connected Cable Set

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