Madbull Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail Ver.2

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Madbull Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail Ver.2

Madbull Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail Ver.2

Madbull has imported the AKRR2 from the innovative Strike Industries! Finally, now there’s a light-weight solution to optic mounting on an AK. The AKRR2 will transition over from real steel on to certain airsoft rifles. The S.I. AKRR2 is designed with three major components; Main base, 45 degree side rail, and extended rail. The main base serves as the attachment point to the rifle, a reference aiming gap, and base for mounting the side rail and extended rail. It has three hex socket screws to adjust the angle of the base. The 45 degree side Picatinny rail can be positioned ambidextrously and is best suited to pair with a micro red dot sight. The extended Picatinny rail can be used for EO tech or Aimpoint reflex sights and some long range magnified scopes. The AKRR2 major appeal is its level of adaptability. Whatever the shooter’s needs may be, the AKRR2 is designed to meet every challenge.

• Easy installation 
• AKRR2 is extremely adaptable 
• Main base customizable level adjustment (up/down, left/right)
• Main base can be used as a reference aiming gap
• Left or right mounted 45 degree Picatinny side rail
• Extended rail for red dot, reflex, and magnified scopes
• Receiver cover is removable when AKRR2 is installed

Package includes:
1 x Main body
1 x Extended Picatinny rail
1 x 45 degree Picatinny side rail
1 x M3 Nut
1 x M3 Oval Head Screw
3 x M3 Countersunk Hex Socket Screw
6 x M3 Flat Head Socket Screw

NOTE: Please check to see if this product will fit you airsoft gun

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