10pcs Wood Handle Carving Mini Chisels Kit Handy Cutting Tools Set

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Description :
10 pcs Wood Handle Carving Mini Chisels Kit DIY Handy Tools Set

Are you a  carpenter? Or a wood turner hobbyist?
There is a saying : A workman must sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. So, if you are, just act at once to have it put in your treasure box.
You will do a good job with this Wood Carving Mini Chisel Set.

Features : 
Strong and durable tipped tools.
Assorted steel blades with wood handles.
Suitable for carpenters, wood turners hobbyists and so on.
Material : Wood + Stainless Steel.
Package Includes : 
1 x Wood Carving Mini Chisel Set (10 pcs)
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