Rotary Wire Brass Shank Steel General Purpose Cups Wheel Brushes 7cm

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Rotary Wire Brass Shank Steel General Purpose Cups Wheel Brushes 7cm

Description :

Rotary Wire Brass Shank Steel Bristles General Purpose Cups Wheel Brushes 7cm

Features :

6mm Brass wire brushes(bowl shape)
Suitable for your Die Grinder &  Rotary Machine tools.
Ideal for Removing Rust/Corrosions from Any Metal Surfaces (e.g. : Steel, Aluminum,Zinc Alloy,Brass,Copper,etc.),especially Precious metals.
Suitable for 6 mm electric grinding, hand electric drill.
Perfect Accessories for Jewelers, Locksmiths, Gunsmith,Technicians, Coin Collectors, Archeologist, Students & ect.

This product uses the high quality steel wire,not easy broken wires,durable,cleaning and polishing for machinery equipment and steel tile,ect.
Widely used in shipbuilding,aviation,automobile,petroleum,construction and installation,etc.
It is the good helper of large area derusting,paint removal,wipe out the blot of welding surface besmirch and carbon scale.

Specification :

Handle size : 27mm
Handle Diameter : 6mm
Brass wire brushes Diameter : 70mm

Package included :

1 x 6mm Shank Brass wire brushes

Details pictures :

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