DIY Intelligent Turtle Kit For Arduino Smart Car Learning Kit

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DIY Intelligent Turtle Kit For Arduino Smart Car Learning Kit

DIY Intelligent Turtle Kit For Arduino Smart Car Learning Kit


Intelligent turtle is a microcontroller learning application development system, the arduino microcontroller series atmega - 328 p as the core, the finish line, obstacle avoidance, infrared remote control and wireless remote control function, and suite contains a lot of interesting program, and can expand external circuit module, thus increasing the use function of the car


Voltage range: 1.5V - 12V
The motor shaft length: 10 mm. 6.0V  50,100rpm/min
Control motor selection L298N drive module, and single chip microcomputer real isolation
Three groups of line module, detection of black and white line, higher precision, and fall prevention control is also available
Infrared remote communication module, remote control system of smart car
Bluetooth wireless module, can and mobile phone bluetooth pairing remote-controlled robot
Can access external 7 ~ 12 v voltage. And can carry many sensor module, according to your imagination to realize various functions

If you need the installation diagram or other information,Please go to this forum:

Package included:

1 x Servo 
1 x Holder
1 x 18650 battery box
1 x Ultrasonic module
1 x Bluetooth machine
1 x 18650 battery charger 
1 x L298N Motor driver board
1 x Bull 's-eye universal wheel
1 x The infrared receiving sensor
1 x ARDUINO UNO328 contral board
1 x Single chip microcomputer remote control
1 x ARDUINO sensor expansion board (With bluetooth socket)
2 x Tire
2 x Metal gear motor
2 x Fixed a motor
2 x The robot chassis
2 x 2000MA 18650 rechargeable batteries
3 x Line module
4 x The pillars of 35 mm
2 x The pillars of 10 mm
40 x Dupont Line 
3 mm screw nut several

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