3.5mm Double Jack Line 1 to 2 Earphone Tieline For Smartphone

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Phone Audio a turn two dividers
Couple headphone cable, and share with him the wonderful music oh !
Name: a couple of 2-wire headset adapter audio splitter adapter cable 3.5mm Apple macroporous
Specification: 3.5mm to Dual 3.5mm input output
Color: White

Product Description:
● a four-pole 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio input interface, output interface , which can transfer the audio to two headphones , you can listen to music .
● You can also pick a 3.5mm audio devices, the other end of the output audio to two audio devices ( such as headsets , speakers, etc. ) .
● You can also make speakers and headphones from each one hole, then pull the plug does not require that, and really easy !
● quality PVC wire, soft material , fashion appearance of fine portable.
The product through one of two audio interface to connect two headphones , for they both share music . Suitable for all models of the ipod, iphone, ipad and other digital equipment 3.5MM audio jack .

MP3 use
Audio divider can be connected to one end of your iPod, cell phone , tape recorder , or CD headphone output hole,
The other two interfaces can connect two mini- stereo headphones or speakers

Computer use
Do you have both speakers and headphones , but often require you to convert between audio output jack on thinning to unplug , not only cumbersome but also cause sound card interface failure.
Such a point two audio cable allows you to simultaneously access the speakers and headphones ( both two-channel stereo ) , and to achieve this free conversion between .
Installation is simple : You simply plug it into the computer's audio output port , and the speakers and headphones connected respectively to the two output interfaces .
When using headphones turn off the speakers as long as you can, when you open with a speaker speakers, more convenient !

Technical parameters
Standard 3.5MM audio interface design. Universal

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