Soloop 200pcs Insulated Terminals Crimp Connector Butt Spade Ring Fork Set

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Description :

200pcs Insulated Terminals Electrical Crimp Connector Butt Spade Ring Fork Set

100% brand new and high quality
Insulated crimp terminals
Assorted crimp terminals and come with case
All are enclosed in plastic case for easy access

Specification :

200pcs assorted crimp terminals
Colors : Red (105pcs) and Blue (95pcs)
Material : Copper + PVC + Tinplate

The assorted crimp terminals is including :

Piggy Back 
10pcs (10pcs Red)
Ring M5
30pcs (15pcs Red + 15pcs Blue) 
Bullet Male
20pcs (10pcs Red + 10pcs Blue)
Bullet Female
20pcs (10pcs Red + 10pcs Blue)
Spade 250 Male
40pcs (20pcs Red + 20pcs Blue)
Spade 250 Female
40pcs (20pcs Red + 20pcs Blue)
Spade 250 Female (Fully Insulated)
20pcs (10pcs Red + 10pcs Blue)
Butt Splice
20pcs (10pcs Red + 10pcs Blue)

Package Included :  

1 x 200PCS Assorted Crimp Terminals With Case

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