SEBART Miss Wind S 50E (blue/white) 1520mm ARF

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The Miss Wind S 50E was designed and constructed by the famous competition and show pilot Sebastiano Silvestri. It stands out due to the perfect workmanship and unique design - the unmatched flight characteristics of the great model, the 2x2m F3A Miss Wind could be adopted.

The largely prefabricated model is made entirely of CNC processed balsa and plywood and covered with quality film. Cowl and wheel pants are made of painted fiberglass, the complete range of accessories are included. To finish, four high-quality mini servos, eg Dymond DS 1550 and two standard size servos, eg Dymond DS 9500 are needed.

The model is almost completed. Screw in servos, glue motor mount, mount the motor, and after a short time the flying fun is about to begin. The package of this product has over 1.20 m in length, it falls to corresponding surcharges. Specification: Wingspan approx.: 1520 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1580 mm Wing area approx.: 65 qdm Weight: 3200 g (flying) RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Aileron: 4x DS 1550 Elevator: 1x DS 3510 Siderudder: 1x DS 3510 Needed to complete: Motor: DYMOND GTX-5055 ESC: DYMOND VTX-80 A Servos: 4x DYMOND DS 1550, 2x DYMOND DS 3510 Propeller: 15 x 8" Batteries: DYMOND LiPo 4000mAh 6S Charger: DYMOND Powerhouse

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